Project Information

Project Objectives:

  • Provide a new continuous pedestrian facility on the west side of Chain Bride Road between Old Town Fairfax and Rust Hill Place

  • Eliminate existing erosion/drainage problems and roadside hazards along the west side of Chain Bridge road within the project limits

  • Provide a context-sensitive design solution that preserves the character of Rust Curve and provide a gateway to the Downtown area

Project Description and Design Features:

The Chain Bridge Road/Route123 Sidewalk Project at Rust Curve will take approximately 12 months to construct. The project will include:

  • Sidewalk connection between Rust Hill Place and North Street

  • Storm Drainage improvements

  • Retaining walls

  • Utility connections

  • Lighting and landscaping

Northbound Chain Bridge Road/Route 123 Detour Route (click on the map below for a PDF copy):

Detour - 2019-0411.jpg